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SEAL Aviation Mobile Structural Repair

SEAL Aviation has the capability to provide structural repair services on many aircraft, including but not limited to:

BoeingCessna Citation - Hawker Beechcraft - Bombarider GlobalChallenger - Lear - Dassault Falcon - Embraer - Gulfstream Astra - Metro Merlin - Piper - Westwind - Vintage and Classic Aircraft

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SEAL Aviation operates as a mobile company which allows the SEAL team to bring the experience and tooling to your aircraft wherever it may be to perform large structural repairs. We are uniquely positioned to provide mobile structural repairs anywhere in the world along side our other core SEAL services.

  SEAL Aviation Core Structural Services:

Corrosion repairs - Roto peening / flap peening - Leading Edge Repair - Hard landing inspection - Gear-up landing repairs - Runway incursion/excursion - Cold working fastener holes

    Heavy Structural Airframe Repair that comes to you

    Our expert sheet metal technicians are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the aviation industry. Structural repairs can be complex endeavors that require specialized tooling and skills that should only be trusted to experienced professionals. SEAL Aviationhas specialized tooling on-hand and has developed airframe repair techniques while operating a mobile company. Our technicians have gained expertise through years of past military service and continued education which allows us to serve our valued customers around the world.

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    Citation 560 wing repair after a bird strike
    Citation 560 wing repair after a bird strike
    Citation CJ3 winglet replacement
    Citation CJ3 winglet replacement
    Beech 400A leading edge replacement in our FLL shop
    Beech 400A leading edge replacement in our FLL shop