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Roto Peening and Shot Peening Aircraft

SEAL Aviation has full capability to perform Roto Peening at your location, anywhere in the world.

What is Roto Peening? Roto peening and Shot Peening creates a compressive surface stress layer to prevent metal fatigue-related failures in critical components and prevent corrosion. It is often used in aviation after corrosion has been removed. Once corrosion has been detected, it's removal will also remove the compressive surface layer, which Roto Peening can restore. This discipline can be used to reach areas which may be difficult to access and can be done in some cases without disassembly of the component. SEAL Aviation possesses the tooling and has experience performing Roto Peening wherever you aircraft is located. Our mobile capabilities combined with our Fuel Leak Repair and Structural Repair services can and save you down time and expenses.

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Roto peening
Roto peening on a Global aircraft after removal of exterior skin fuel tank
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