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SEAL Aviation Specialized Aircraft Services

Weight and Balance - Aircraft Disposal - Prebuy/prepurchase inspection

SEAL Aviation has the capability to provide maintenance services on many aircraft, including but not limited to:

BoeingCessna Citation - Hawker Beechcraft - Bombarider Global - Challenger - Lear - Dassault Falcon - Embraer - Gulfstream  Astra - Metro Merlin - Piper - Westwind - Vintage and Classic Aircraft

​Aircraft Weight and Balance

Seal Aviation is your solution to cost effective onsite aircraft weighing. SEAL Aviation can assist repair stations, avionics shops, aircraft owners, repair facilities, fixed base operators and aircraft paint and interior shops. We have the capability to weigh many different types of aircraft including single and twin engine, float planes, corporate and commuter jets. Once complete, SEAL Aviation provides the customer with a weight and balance report. For a quick quote call one of our expert technicians at (954)492-3522.  With jack cells, we can accommodate aircraft up to 150,000 lbs. and with platforms 30,000 lbs. SEAL Aviation has industry leading certified technicians and we guarantee accuracy & repeatability.

SEAL Aviation Weight and Balance has been added to our FAA Repair Station capabilities list!

We are proud to offer our weight and balance service on almost any type and size of aircraft. SEAL Aviation can assist in providing any additional specialized equipment required to complete the job including jacks, jack pads, additional scales and more. Our team of trained experts can often perform this task and provide a report on the same day saving you time and money. Request a quote today!

Weight and balance of aircraft 1
Weight and balance of aircraft 2
Weight and balance of aircraft 3

​SEAL Aviation Aircraft Disposal Services

SEAL Aviation Specialized Services has responded to the needs of our customers by offering a aircraft demo and disposal service. SEAL Aviation possesses the tooling and certifications required to dismantle aircraft using various methods ensuring the aircraft is moved quickly and safely. Our massive Fort Lauderdale headquarters offers us ample storage and workspace to house large components while they are being recycled or disposed of.

SEAL Aviation hauling away an aircraft for disposal
SEAL Aviation hauling away an aircraft for disposal
SEAL Aviation disposing of a cessna
Cutting a Cessna for transport
SEAL Aviation loads a section of aircraft onto a trailer for disposal
Loading a section of aircraft onto a trailer
The last flight for this aircraft as SEAL Aviation prepares to haul it to its' final destination
The last flight for this aircraft as SEAL Aviation prepares to haul it to it's final destination

​SEAL Aviation Prebuy and Pre-purchase Evaluation

Prebuy inspection of aircraft

SEAL Aviation offers prebuy and pre-purchase inspections to protect a potential buyer or a seller in the negotiation of the sale of an aircraft. SEAL Aviation's mobile services can spot issues and repair them before the sale or purchase of an aircraft to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Our detailed inspections, which use manufacturers fuel leak classifications, can pinpoint leaks and other potential problems before negotiations begin. Don't leave money on the table, call SEAL Aviation today and protect your investment.