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SEAL Aviation knows Citation aircraft. Citations must be worked with great care and detail. SEAL Aviation understands this and is prepared for the technical challenges Citations have to offer. From wheel well leaks, to domenuts leaking on the leading edges, to the 560 model leaking at the wing root area, SEAL Aviation has worked extensively with Citation aircraft.

Cessna/Citation 1
Cessna/Citation 2

Common work scope performed by SEAL Aviation:

      • Fuel leak repair
      • Internal wing inspection
      • SL560-57-01 Wing Leading Edge at WS 91.073
      • Rivetless nutplate replacement
      • Leading edge domenut replacement
      • Panel flange replacement
      • Sierra Eagle mod
      • Skin replacement
      • Fuel leaks above Citation III skid rails
      • Citation III dead air cabin space fuel leak isolation
      • Panel flange replacement
      • Corrosion repairs
      • Skin replacement
      • Non Destructive Testing certified by Citation
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