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  • SEAL has experience repairing a diverse collection of vintage aircraft

    SEAL Aviation has the knowledge and tooling needed to fix any kid of aircraft, from executive jets to vintage aircraft, we can help you keep your wheels up.
  • Classic aircraft require a personal touch

    SEAL will provide a detailed quote and work closely with you every step of the way.
  • Only trust the best with your investment 

    Let us show you why so many airplane owners and operators, aircraft manufacturers and repair stations around the world trust SEAL Aviation to take care of their rare and unique aircraft

SEAL Aviation can repair any leak, any where!

Fighter jet

SEAL Aviation is proud to have worked on many different types and models of aircraft and has the ability to work vintage and rare aircraft. It's easy to see why so many aircraft owners, operators and repair stations trust us with their unique aircraft; we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your investment is handled with care. SEAL Aviation has worked Hawker, SEAFURY, MALLARD, military aircraft and more.

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See why so many people trust SEAL Aviation

SEAL Aviation is an industry leader in unique and classic aircraft. These special aircraft require a diverse skill set and a higher level of care that SEAL Aviation is equipped to handle. 

MiG Aux Drop Tanks

There is never a dull day at SEAL Aviation. Here you can see the SEAL Aviation Structural Repair Team inspecting and repairing the auxiliary drop tanks for a MiG. It's not every day you get to work on unique components like this. Our expert structural team was able to identify cracks and repair them in our headquarters located in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) in sunny South Florida. If you have a classic or unique aircraft, only trust The Structural Masters with your investment. We have the ability to come directly to your aircraft to perform any repairs or inspections you require, no matter how unique the job may be!

MiG aux drop tank repair 1
MiG aux drop tank repair 2
MiG aux drop tank repair 3

SEAL Aviation takes Classic and Vintage Aircraft very seriously

At SEAL Aviation, we understand that trust is important when choosing who will maintain your investment. We see each classic airplane as a piece of history with a unique story and we are honored every time we get to take part in that story.

Whether you own an amphibious aircraft like a Grumman or a retired fighter like a P90, we have the experience and knowledge required to ensure your aircraft is handled with the care it deserves.