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Embraer Fuel Tank Repair and Maintenance

SEAL Aviation is certified to repair Embraer aircraft.
SEAL Aviation can perform NDT inspections on Embraer aircraft.

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Common work scope performed by SEAL Aviation:

Integral fuel tank repair‚ÄčNon Destructive Testing - Structural Repair - Bacterial growth microorganism detection and removal - Fuel sample test - Sealant removal and replacement - Leading edge repair - Corrosion removal

    Embraer Fuel Leak Repair

    Embraer fuel leak repair
    Embraer fuel leak repair

    SEAL Aviation is prepared come to your Embraer anywhere in the world to perform any required maintenance. A few examples of our past work include having replaced rib clips on the Embraer 120, repairing wing root leaks on the Embraer 145 and eliminating bacterial growth on Embraer 135. SEAL Aviation was graciously asked by Embraer Fort Lauderdale Service Center to perform a service bulletin increasing fuel capacity on a Embraer 545 wing fuel tanks. Additionally, our Non Destructive Testing Team can help determine potential weak spots before they become an issue, ensuring your Embraer remains leak free and in great condition.

    Embraer Structural Repair

    Embraer ERJ-145 skin repair
    Embraer ERJ-145 skin repair

    SEAL Aviation is an industry leader when it comes to Embraer Structural Repair and Maintenance. Our Structural Repair Team is completely mobile and ready to deploy to your Embraer aircraft for corrosion removal, skin repair, airframe repair and more. SEAL Aviation maintains teams of experts around the world to ensure we can provide a fast and seamless repair between our core SEAL Aviation Services. For example, our Non-destructive Testing Team can work along side our Structural Repair Team to ensure any required inspections are completed as soon as possible, resulting in less downtime and cost.

    Legacy reseal of fuel tank
    Embraer Legacy reseal