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  • Swaging Services for Your Aircraft

    Swaging technology is used on Challenger, Gulfstream and other popular aircraft

What is Swaging?

Pronounced "swedge", swaging is a cold-working technique that involves using specialized dies to form one piece of metal around another. In aviation, swaging (sometimes referred to as Permaswage® or 'permaswaging') is mostly used in fluid systems where a permanent joint with metal to metal sealing is required. Swaging results in a mechanical connection between the tubing and fitting that will act as a permanent container for fluid such as hydraulic fluid. Swaging aims to produce a uniform reduction of a tube to fitting connection to tolerances that would not require welding or other sealing. Properly swaging lines involves access to specialized tooling as well as years of practice to provide this service correctly. SEAL Aviation has invested in the required tooling and has decades of aviation experience providing swaging services for aircraft owners and operators.

Relocated hydraulic lines on a Challenger CL-600-1A11
Relocated hydraulic lines on a Challenger CL-600-1A11
Swage tooling loaded with a pre-formed line
Swaging tool loaded with a pre-shaped line