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Metro Lower Wing Skin Replacement

By - Jimmy
02.09.23 10:17 AM

Corrosion and Fuel Leaks Are No Match for SEAL Aviation Combined Services

SEAL Aviation was called out to evaluate a Metro SA227-AC for fuel leaks and corrosion. The corrosion was so severe that the existing lower wing skin had to be replaced and was beyond economic repair. At this time, a new wing skin was not available, fortunately, SEAL Aviation has the know-how to fabricate a new skin. Undeterred by this setback, SEAL Aviation worked on a plan with engineering to fabricate a new lower wing skin. This task would require intense coordination between all the SEAL Aviation Combined Services to ensure the repair is completed within our customers expected timeline.

Removing the Damaged Wing Skin

First, the SEAL Aviation Structural Repair Team was tasked with removing the damaged lower wing skin. This also allowed us easier access to any fastener holes or corroded areas on the wing structure that required additional repairs. Additionally, this allowed the Fuel Leak Repair Team access to the leading edge to repair leaking fasteners.

Fabricating the New Lower Wing Skin

Next, our Structural Repair Team began the process of fabricating the new lower wing skin with the assistance of a FAA designated engineering representative. The new wing skin was fabricated from sheet metal and each fastener hole was drilled by hand according to the drawing specification. Extensive care had to be employed during this process to ensure each fastener lined up perfectly to the existing wing structure and access panels. This is an example of the care and attention SEAL Aviation can provide to our customers.

Removing Corrosion From the Wing and Repairing Fuel Leaks

This phase of the repair required coordination between the SEAL Aviation Fuel Leak Repair Team and the SEAL Aviation Structural Repair Team to remove any remaining corrosion and prepare the newly fabricated wing skin and structural parts for installation. Leaking fasteners on the leading edge required replacement as well as the support fasteners for the wing skin. These tasks were completed at the same time as the fabrication of the wing skin to meet the needs of our customer. This is just one example of how SEAL Aviation Combined Services work together. This tight coordination for mobile aircraft repairs makes SEAL Aviation the best option for AOG aircraft repair in the industry.

Installing the New Wing Section

Finally, the newly fabricated lower wing section is ready for installation. New fasteners were installed and the wing was sealed by the SEAL Aviation Fuel Leak Repair Team to ensure the wing was free of any fuel leaks. The SEAL Aviation Team was able to successfully provide this repair on a tight timeline despite the fact that no replacement skin was available by utilizing the SEAL Aviation "one stop shop" concept. This dedication to our customers specialized needs shows how the SEAL Aviation "can do" attitude will get the job done for you. The vast experience of our technicians alongside our willingness to provide complex repairs anywhere in the world makes SEAL Aviation the best choice to repair your aircraft fuel leaks and structural damage.

SEAL Aviation is an FAA part 145, EASA and Mexico certified repair station that operates as a mobile company. SEAL Aviation provides heavy structural repairs, fuel leak repairs and non-destructive testing on-site at your aircraft location. This allows the SEAL Aviation Team to provide aircraft repairs anywhere in the world. SEAL Aviation operates teams across the country which enables us to have the fastest response in the aviation industry. Visit our website to request pricing or call our 24/7 AOG hotline at (954) 471-6458.