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Dye penetrant inspection, also known as a liquid penetrant inspection or penetrant testing (PT), is a widely applied inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials. The penetrant may be applied to all non-ferrous materials and ferrous materials, although for ferrous components, the magnetic-particle inspection is often preferred instead for its subsurface detection capability. Penetrant testing is used to detects in casting, forging and welding surfaces, such as hairline cracks, porosity and in- service fatigue cracks. SEAL Aviation is equipped to handle all your NDT penetrant testing needs, no matter where your aircraft or part may be.

SEAL Aviation can perform the following methods of Non-Destructive Testing:

Radiography (RT) - Eddy Current (ET) - Ultrasound (UT) - Bond testing - Paint thickness testing - Liquid Penetrant (PT) - Magnetic Particle (MT) - Optical Prism

NDT Dye Penetrant PT inspection
PT Dye Penetrant inspection of flange
Dye Penetrant inspection of exhaust pipe
PT Dye Penetrant PT exhaust pipe

Dye Penetrant Lab Services

SEAL Aviation provides NDT Lab Services at our state-of-the-art Fort Lauderdale facility conveniently located minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Same day drop off / pickup service is often available and many of our customers elect to mail us parts and components via courier. To inquire as to the cost and timing of an NDT inspection, please request a quote below and an expert will reach out ASAP. Internal courier services are available on a first come, first served basis

NDT Dye Penetrant PT crack
PT inspection of threads - normal lighting
NDT Dye Penetrant PT weld crack
PT inspection of threads - UV applied