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What is Radiography and how is it used in aviation?

By - Jimmy
05.23.22 10:23 AM

SEAL Aviation NDT Services come to your aircraft, anywhere in the world

Radiography is one of the most commonly used Non-Destructive testing methods used in the aviation industry. SEAL Aviation Radiography Services uses x-ray technology to inspect aircraft and aircraft components for hidden defects, alongside other commonly applied methods of NDT.

Radiography non-destructive testing (also known as RT) involves passing radiation through the material being tested and onto film. We use radiography to test and inspect composite parts for integrity, water intrusion and other defects. It’s used on metallic parts such as welds or castings to reveal corrosion, loose fittings, rivets and other defects.

Radiography in aviation can be used to verify damage on suspect areas without the need to remove the component being inspected. In many instances, NDT Technicians can employ x-ray technology to determine if structural damage exists, which can save the customer man-hours and cost.

SEAL Aviation Radiography Services are completely mobile and will come to your hangar and work around your schedule to ensure daily operations of your business are not disrupted. Radiation hazards are present while deploying this method, so only highly trained professionals should attempt this level of testing. SEAL Aviation technicians are Florida State RSO certified to ensure all proper safety standards are being observed for your safety as well as the safety of our technicians.
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