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Aircraft Weighing That Comes to You

By - Jimmy
08.18.22 10:01 AM

Weight and balance has been added to our FAA Repair Station capabilities list

Seal Aviation is your solution to cost effective onsite aircraft weighing. We are proud to offer our weight and balance service on almost any type and size of aircraft. SEAL has the capability to accommodate aircraft up to 150,000 lbs with jack cells and can weigh up to 30,000 lbs with platforms.  SEAL Aviation has industry leading certified technicians and we guarantee accuracy and repeatability!

SEAL Aviation has performed aircraft weighting on many different types and models of aircraft, from smaller aircraft like Cessna to larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737 MAX. SEAL Aviation can assist repair stations, avionics shops, aircraft owners, repair facilities, fixed base operators, aircraft paint shops and interior shops. We have the capability to weigh many different types of aircraft including single and twin engine, float planes, helicopters, corporate and commuter jets. Click the button below to visit our website to view our capabilities and certifications.

Once the aircraft has been weighed, SEAL Aviation provides the customer with a weight and balance report. For more information, call one of our expert technicians at (954)492-3522 or visit our website 24/7 to request a quote.

SEAL Aviation is a FAA, EASA, Mexico and Canada Certified Repair Station that operates a mobile company who will come to your aircraft for

fuel tank repair and maintenanceNon-Destructive testing (NDT)and structural aircraft repair. To see how SEAL Aviation can save you time and money on aircraft maintenance, visit our website.