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SEAL Aviation fuel tank, non destructive testing, parts and structural repairs fro your aircraft


Non-Destructive Testing is a critical service offered by SEAL Aviation. NDT services allows our highly trained aircraft technicians the ability to perform a variety of tests on different parts of the aircraft without damaging it. The first step to any aircraft repair is a proper and thorough diagnosis. This must include an accurate assessment of the aircraft. All structural and critical components must pass rigorous testing. By integrating non-destructive testing in the process, the aircraft's internal makeup can be analyzed without invasive probing or removing the external panels.


Another great benefit to our NDT services is that they can be performed in less time than traditional testing. Often times, blindly searching for potential weak spots in trouble zones is time consuming and grounding an aircraft for extensive testing can be costly. To avoid this, NDT testing can discover defects in a timely fashion, allowing the aircraft to get back on the tarmac quickly and safely.


While the majority of NDT takes place on the aircraft frame, non-destructive testing is frequently used on aircraft landing gears, engines, turbos and other critical components. Because these pieces are composed of different materials, different methods of NDT must be performed. These include options like Radiography, Eddy Current, Ultrasound, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Bond Testing & Paint Thickness testing.

As a proud industry leader in NDT Services, providing non-destructive testing to our clients is just one of the ways we can provide you with the highest quality service. Nothing is more important than the integrity and safety of your aircraft. At SEAL Aviation, we hold you investment with the highest regard. We’ve staked our reputation and our name on the service we deliver our clients.

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