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By - Jimmy
02.29.24 08:27 AM

SEAL Aviation Services work together to benefit our customers - Gulfstream  G200 Service Bulletin 200-57-426

SEAL Aviation Combined Services working together to perform a NDT inspection on a Gulfstream G200 for Service Bulletin 200-57-426

Some aircraft maintenance events require skilled Aircraft Technicians to coordinate with NDT Technicians to satisfy the requirements of a repair or service bulletin. Usually this requires calling multiple companies and coordinating between their schedules which can extend downtime for maintenance. SEAL Aviation offers many of the services aircraft operators need to maintain aircraft including Fuel Leak Repair and Maintenance, Structural Repair, Non-destructive Testing, aircraft parts inventory and much more. SEAL Aviation Combined Services work together to provide the required services, personnel and supplies to reduce downtime and cost for our customers.

This Gulfstream G200 repair is a great example of how SEAL Aviation Combined Services work together to benefit our customers. Service Bulletin 200-57-426 Wing Flaps Fairing Seal Repair addresses flap fairing debonding and moisture intrusion that might lead to lower wing skin corrosion, cracking on both wings and reduced structural integrity of the wings. This Service Bulletin requires G200 aircraft to have corrosion removed on certain areas of the lower skin on both wings. Once the corrosion has been removed, the fairings are then resealed with fillet sealant and the area is then inspected by a Non-destructive Testing Technician.

SEAL Aviation provides all the aircraft maintenance services required to address Service Bulletin 200-57-426. The SEAL Aviation Structural Repair Team can remove any identified corrosion in coordination with the Fuel Leak Repair Technicians to reseal the fairings. Finally, the Non-destructive Testing Team can perform required inspections to fully comply with this Gulfstream airworthiness directive. SEAL Aviation Combined Services simplifies the customer experience by allowing us to provide all the maintenance services needed to satisfy most repairs or service bulletins.

SEAL Aviation Aircraft Repair Technicians also have direct access to a warehouse of aircraft parts via to further reduce any potential downtime waiting for parts. All it takes is one call to SEAL Aviation and our team of experts will handle all the coordination, saving our customers downtime and cost. Our mobile capabilities combined with our wide selection of aircraft maintenance services makes SEAL Aviation the best choice for your AOG situation or scheduled maintenance.

SEAL Aviation is a part 145 repair station that operates a mobile company which has the capability to provide heavy structural repairs, fuel leak repairs, and non-destructive testing for your aircraft, anywhere in the world. SEAL Aviation is an FAA, EASA, Mexico authorized repair station and SEAL Aviation NDT Techs are SNT-TC-1A, NAS410, EASA and Cessna/Citation Certified. Visit our website to learn more or request pricing.