SEAL Aviation

Weights and Balances

Seal Aviation is your solution to cost effective onsite aircraft weighing. We have the capabilities of defueling your aircraft and providing the customer with a weight and balance report as well as restoring fuel to the aircraft tanks as removed. For a quick quote call one of our expert technicians at (954)492-3522. SEAL Aviation services repair stations, avionics shops, aircraft owners, repair facilities, fixed base operators and aircraft paint and interior shops. We have the capability to weigh many different types of aircraft including single and twin engine, float planes, corporate and commuter jets. With jack cells, we can accommodate aircraft up to 150,000 lbs. and with platforms 30,000 lbs. SEAL Aviation has industry leading certified technicians and we guarantee accuracy & repeatability.

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Weight and balance of aircraft 1
Weight and balance of aircraft 2
Weight and balance of aircraft 3