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Non-Destructive Testing Inspections and level III Services

 SEAL Aviation has recognized the need to add mobile Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) as a service, allowing us to service your aircraft anywhere in the world. SEAL Aviation has a facility located near the Ft. Lauderdale international airport in South Florida. SEAL Aviation personnel work together as a team to provide fast, economical  aircraft inspections & NDT service without cutting any corners.

SEAL Aviation can perform the following methods of Non-Destructive Testing:


Eddy Current


Liquid Penetrant

Magnetic Particle

Bond testing

Paint thickness testing any material surface

SEAL Aviation specializes in but are not limited to the following aircraft:

Hawker series

Lear series


Citation series Authorized NDT facility




SEAL Aviation has in house Level III services by Alex Vivas ASNT #172161. SEAL Aviation technicians are trained to the highest NAS410 standards. Call (954) 492-3522 today to speak to one of our NDT specialists about the Non Destructive Testing needs of your company.

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