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SEAL Aviation fuel tank, non destructive testing, parts and structural repairs fro your aircraft

Yes that is a person in the front spar of Hawker wing. This is just one example of our dedication!

Ventral tank removed for fuel leaks


fuel tank maintenance and repair


SEAL Aviation is simply the best when it comes to Hawker fuel leak repair and fuel tank maintenance. SEAL Aviation has the experience, tooling and parts on hand to maintain and repair your Hawker fuel leaks. SEAL Aviation has the can-do attitude required to keep your Hawker flying. SEAL Aviation can assist with 48, 96 month and structural inspections.

Common work scope performed by SEAL Aviation:

  • Remove and reinstall leading edges
  • Remove and reinstall ventral tank
  • Remove and reinstall dorsal tank
  • Repair any fuel leak
  • ​Non Destructive Testing
  • Keel and rear skid link fasteners
  • Wing internal inspections
  • Prepare for wing x-rays
  • Remove and reinstall forward fairing
  • Remove and reinstall wing to fuselage fairings
  • Remove and reinstall wing fence
  • Troubleshooting of refueling systems