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Cessna/Citation Structural Repair

SEAL Aviation is an industry leader Cessna/Citation aircraft. We have worked closely with these aircraft and Textron Aviation for many years and have provided countless repairs to both Cessna and Citation aircraft. We possess the tooling and have the experience needed to ensure heavy structural repairs are done right the first time, saving the customer in downtime and expense.

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citation 750 forward fairing fuel tank
Citation 750 forward fairing fuel tank
cessna caravan lower rear empennage repair
Cessna Caravan lower rear empennage repair

Leading edge repairs can be tricky but SEAL Aviation makes it easy

From bird strikes, hail damage and lightening strikes to specific repairs such as Citation SL560-57-01 Wing Leading Edge at WS 91.073, SEAL Aviation has all the services you need to repair your leading edge. The SEAL Aviation NDT department can verify damage and repairs in coordination with the SEAL Structural Repair and Fuel Repair team to minimize cost and downtime. We are prepared to work with manufacturers engineering to ensure all repairs are completed to their specifications. It's easy to see the SEAL Aviation "One Stop Shop" concept can work for you once you take advantage of the various services we offer.  Call or click today for a quote!

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