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Cadmium plating degradation

what is it?

Cadmium Plating Degradation happens in aircraft fuel tanks when the steel components inside the fuel tanks are exposed to water and moisture. Sulfur in the aircraft fuel has a chemical reaction and causes the Cadmium Plating to be removed exposing the bare surface of the steel. Cadmium is plated on steel parts so the parts will not corrode and not have dissimilar metal corrosion.

There are several aircraft manufactures that have acknowledged the problem of cadmium plating degradation, one such example is Gulfstream. They have certain maintenance intervals that check for the cadmium degradation of the steel components in the fuel tanks. Gulfstream has particular procedures to treat the steel components and other manufacturers only have brief statement in their manuals on what is looks like and to treat it.

SEAL Aviation is the leader in the industry for working with cadmium plating degradation issues. Our Non Destructive Testing capabilities put us light years ahead of the competition and allow us to have your issues corrected the right way and get your wheels up in no time.