SEAL aviation

Seal Aviation Aircraft Fuel Leak Repair

181 Day Warranty on fuel leak repairs made!

SEAL Aviation Performs Aircraft Fuel Leak Repair, Non-Destructive Testing and Airframe Structural Repairs. We believe no job is too small or too ambitious for SEAL Aviation. Once you have called SEAL Aviation you will ask yourself why you did not do so earlier. By SEAL Aviation having capabilities of Fuel tank repair, Non-Destructive Testing and Structural repairs allows a maintenance facility to use the one shop concept. For an example the fuel tank team could prepare the fuel tanks the NDT team perform X-rays along with fuel tank technicians if we find corrosion during the X-ray inspection we can also assist with the repair of the corrosion. The structural team can repair the corrosion with seamless coordination use SEAL Aviation other services. By using the one stop shop concept you save DOWN TIME, EXPENSE, and have professional personnel completing the repair!

Core values


Discipline to do the job right the first time


Respect the customers investment

         Provide highest quality repair possible